Shiatsu with Kirsty Hurd-Thomas


Shiatsu can bring nurturing touch to hungry bodies and, together with dietry and lifestyle recomendations, it can help you to find ways to nourish yourself throughout your everyday life.

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"Everyone should try shiatsu for themselves at least once. Kirsty Hurd-Thomas is a truly skilled practitioner with a clear understanding in the transformative, healing Potential of this deeply relaxing and powerful technique"


Kirsty will adapt your treatment to your needs. A shiatsu can be deeply relaxing, opening and revitalising, still and meditative, invigorating or nurturing.       


 Shiatsu is given fully clothed, It's best to wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.



"We are always forgetting this world though each day it kisses us... "

Daverick Leggett